Underpass People come and go... but we survive because of each other.
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Rain Breaw writer / director

Rain Breaw Rain Breaw is an independent filmmaker and web developer. Rain's most recent filmmaking efforts include Mr. Sadman, a feature that she produced with Cindy Fang (in post production now), and a PSA for the Los Angeles Youth Network (find out more on Rain's personal website, www.rainbreaw.com, where you can also watch her reel).

Underpass is a story very close to Rain's heart because it is loosely based on her experiences during high school and inspired by a few amazing individuals who offered her support when it seemed they had nothing left to give.

The production of Underpass was largely made possible by the honor of three awards, a sizable grant from The Caucus Foundation, a scholarship from the National Theater Owner's Association, and the Samuel & Lorenza Gary Finishing Fund. It was also made possible through the generosity and support of Alison McMahan of Homunculus Productions, who recently made the film Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs, a story of healing and recovery in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia.

Rain Breaw's web development company, SunRain Productions, is responsible for numerous websites and focuses primarily on non-profit organizations and film/filmmaker sites.



Andrew Huang animator

Andy Huang Andy Huang has directed and animated short films that have received national and international recognition. His past animated work has been showcased at the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and the Chicago International Children's Film Festival.

Andy's indpendent film Doll Face was accepted into the Official Selection for the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, as well as the Electronic Theater for SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston.

Having completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at USC in May, 2007, Andy continues to produce animation and motion graphics, and has recently launched a music video career.



Mary Posatko producer

Mary Posatko Mary Posatko completed her graduate work at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in May 2007. A strange mix of culture junkie and social activist from a young age, Mary grew up in Delaware studying SNL, MTV and PBS, often re-staging bits with friends for her own camera. She has always been interested in ourselves as viewers and the role of culture and media in identity and self, which fed her study of Semiotics at Brown University.

After moving to LA in 2000, Mary worked as a homeless intake counselor in LA's Skid Row, and ran a program for youth at risk of gang involvement in West LA. Wanting to find a way to tell the stories of those she'd met, she worked in news, documentary and drama production at KCRW (public radio), and on several documentaries for HBO.

Mary has produced numerous award winning USC thesis films, including Archer House, which she and Rain teamed up to produce. Currently, Mary is completing two of her own feature screenplays and preparing a feature documentary about a subject very close to her family.


Larry Bryant producer

Larry Bryant Larry Bryant began his journey into the arts at the University of Massachusetts where he earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts. After undergrad, Larry was accepted into the prestigious graduate film program at USC, where he earned an M.F.A. in Film Production in 2007. While attending USC Larry was awarded the Frank Sinatra and Gene Autry Scholarship for excellence in directing. Larry has also produced numerous student films, including Lucky, which screened in the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2006 and he has just finished working as a line producer on the independent feature Ten Years Later. Larry Bryant's own thesis project, Urban Genesis, is currently enjoying its own successful festival run.


Charlene Sun cinematographer (1974-2009)

Charlene Sun Charlene will be remembered as a cinematographer, artist, writer, and crew member extraordinaire. Since childhood, she dreamed of being a filmmaker, and her love of film grew through the years. She was a quietly brilliant and multi-talented woman who made us laugh with her silliness and touched us with her warmth.

Charlene co-founded SunRain Productions with Rain Breaw, a partnership which yeilded great projects. She was also an accomplished screenwriter with her writing partner, Steven Edell.

Memmorial Website:cwsun.sunrainproductions.com


Chris Cloyd editor

Chris Cloyd Born on an Army Base in Kansas, Chris grew up in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It was here that his interest in the arts was cultivated. Having caught "the bug" while working for a local theatre company, he moved to Omaha, NB in 1998 to study acting and directing at Creighton University where he received is B.F.A.

Chris moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and completed his MFA in Film Production at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts in 2008. He has worked in almost every capacity of production and has written and directed several films. In 2006, Chris was awarded the Jeffrey Jones Scholarship for Writing for his work on the screenplay Yasin (the short film played in the 2007 Berlin Film Festival). Chris' USC thesis film, Coons, has enjoyed a very successful festival run.


Akkara Srauy production designer

Akkara Srauy Akkara Srauy is a freelance picture and music editor for film and television. Having grown up in Fresno, California after arriving in America at only six weeks old, her story is not unlike that portrayed in the film. Her family fled from Cambodia, surviving the Khmer Rouge Regime in search for a better life for their future. Being raised with weekly visits to the library and countless hours in front of the television, Akkara fell in love with story telling at an early age and decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. She completed her undergraduate degree in three years, obtaining a BA with Honors from UCSB in Film Studies. There she received a coveted grant from the university to direct a documentary as part of an independent project course, designed to be shown to interested high school applicants to the school. She went on to attend USC and graduated from the program in 2006 with a MFA in Film and Television Production.

Her role on Underpass came about through her strong desire to collaborate with her friend, Rain, and this amazing crew, and to help tell this unique story as much as possible. She is part of the production design team along with Dina Gachman and Jemima de Vera.


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