Underpass People come and go... but we survive because of each other.
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Tony LaThanh sann (lead)

Tony LaThanh Originally from the Bay Area, Tony was on a crash course for law school. He was studying at Berkeley when he decided to take an acting class - as preparation for a career where it would be his job to have people believe and trust him. As destiny would have it, Tony fell in love with the craft and decided to forgo the riches afforded a legal degree. He moved to Los Angeles and promptly booked his first job: substitute teacher. Tony's work includes: Drake and Josh (Nickelodeon), The Naked Ape (dir. Dan Mellitz), currently on the festival circuit, and Rolling (dir. William Saleeby), winner of the San Francisco Indie Fest Audience Choice award.



Mony Sing orn (mom)

Mony Sing Mony Sing and her family fled Cambodia at the height of the Khmer Rouge. Today, Mony lives with her husband near Long Beach, CA, and participates in a community of people working toward emotional healing around the Khmer Rouge. Recently, Mony has participated on informational panels about Darfur and other global human rights concerns because of her personal knowledge of the long term effects of genocide. She is working to make available the amazing artwork of her friend Ngeth Sim, a Cambodian artist living in France. Mony also returns frequently to Cambodia, where she works with children, specifically HIV/AIDS orphans. Mony's remarkable story was an inspiration to the entire cast and crew of Underpass. This was Mony's first experience acting.

Read an article from the Pasadena Star News.


Jenn Wong borya (sister)

Jenn Wong Jenn has worked and studied in San Diego with the Playwrights Project at the Old Globe, the San Diego Black Ensemble, and the La Jolla Playhouse. She is one of the founding members of the Asian Repertory Theater in San Diego (sdAART). Jenn is the eldest in a first generation multi-lingual, multi-cultural American family. Currently a veejay on TommorrowPictures.TV, Jenn hosts segments of Kill MTV. She is an original member of The Bare Naked Bards, an LA based sketch comedy group.



Vanessa Born ana (immigrant)

Vanessa Born Vanessa Born grew up in Roseville, CA. Like any other kid in a small town, she dreamed of being a nurse; realizing how much math that would require, she tried tap dancing instead. This led to theater, and began her career. Vanessa has now appeared in a handful of TV shows and numerous short films.


David Mersault nasim (police officer)

David Mersault David is a North Dakota native, former boxer, political candidate, Congressional Aide, and elementary school teacher, as well as a Chicago Golden Gloves Boxing Champion. Having spent several years in the vibrant Chicago theatre scene, David's favorite roles include Bent (Max), Terra Nova (Scott), Julius Ceasar (Cassius), Reservoir Dogs (Mr. White), Red Dragon (Jack Crawford) and The Crucible (John Proctor). David also appeared in Edward II with Ammar Daraiseh, Just Say No with Greg Lougainis, and held a recurring role on CBS's The Guardian as Gene Everton, City Attorney.


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